A Guide to Proper Carpet Cleaning

Floor carpets are things that easily get dirty. Because people walk on them, food and drink split on them, and they catch dirt for many reasons. A not clean carpet is crowded with bacteria and many germs, and also, a non-clean carpet does not keep good your indoors’ looking. 

Many people face problems because of not having a proper carpet cleaning guide. Wash carpets however you wish. Do not clean them properly. So here we bought the best carpet cleaning guide that will help you keep your carpets good-looking and safe! 

Picking up the Right Cleaning Solution 

In this carpet cleaning guide, let’s discuss how to choose a good carpet cleaner because many people mess up with that. For a better cleanse, you should be careful when choosing the cleaning solution for your carpet because if the carpet gets damaged, it will not look so good. So make sure your carpet cleaner has the following qualities. 

• Non-bleaching 

• Proper cleaning ability 

• Kills germs 

• Not contain any harmful agents for humans. 

So here are the steps we present to you in this carpet cleaning guide to clean your carpet. 

1. Vacuum the carpet as the first step, you should vacuum the whole carpet so that it will suck up the dust and other dry dirt. Don’t wash the carpet because it will just create a mess. 

2. Stain removal If you have stains on the carpet to clean, you have to remove them before cleaning the whole carpet. For it, do this: remove the moisture of the stain using a microfiber cloth or a wet-dry vacuum. 

Then spray a mixture of dish soap (or detergent) and 70% isopropyl alcohol mixture and leave for a few minutes. Then remove the moisture again, spray some water, and remove the moisture from the affected place.

3. Put the Carpet Cleaning solution. In this step, first, mix the carpet cleaning solution with water in the given ratio in the bottle. We remind you to follow the criteria we have mentioned in the carpet cleaning guide when choosing a carpet cleaner for a clean and safe wash of your carpets. After mixing the solution, fill a pumping bottle with that mixture and pump it all over the carpet. 

4. Scrubbing Take a brush and gently and mildly brush every carpet corner. Your brush should not have fibres made of tough materials like metal and tough plastic. We recommend a brush with soft plastic or nylon fibres. Also, you can use a carpet cleaning machine instead. 

5. Rinse the carpet with warm water gently. Although you should be cautious not to overuse the water. If your carpet gets so wet, it will not look fresh and won’t get dried easily. 

6. Drying Take a micro-fibre cloth and absorb the wet in the carpet well. Rake the carpet with a carpet grooming rake or any suitable equipment like an old wide-toothed comb to make the fibres up in the carpet. It helps the fibres to dry quickly. Turn on the fan and open the windows. Or you can use a wet-dry vacuum if you have one if preferred. Make sure your carpet is drying well. If not, moulds will grow in the remaining moisture.
So we hope we have provided a good carpet cleaning guide to you to have your carpets clean and safe.